Know Your Facts

The Need For Change

Transforming the ICT sector into a more digital industry with a world class operating model and infrastructure is a critical enabler to achieving Brunei’s vision ‘Wawasan Brunei 2035’.

Consumer Benefits

The transformation is good news for consumers. The transformation means that consumers will have more choice of providers, a wider range of services and better coverage at affordable prices.

No Redundancies

There will be no redundancies or layoffs of Datastream Digital, Imagine and Progresif employees. Everyone who doesn’t get a position at either UNN or the retail companies will remain in their employment with the Career Development Centres.


With the network provider focusing solely on maintaining and upgrading the operating assets and infrastructure, it ensures that all funds will be channeled to asset enhancement and renewal purposes. This means a faster, stronger and more reliable network for all Bruneians.

Moving to a single network provider means that all retail companies can have equal access to the technology and infrastructure, thereby creating a more level playing field and actually increasing competition and innovation. This will ultimately benefit consumers.

Smooth Transition

The asset transfer to UNN has been completed. Each retail company can now have equal access to the insfrastructure. Each newly established retail company (Datastream Digital, Imagine and Progresif) are only responsible for providing packages to customers.

Industry Stakeholders

This is a collective effort by Darussalam Assets, supported by Datastream Digital, Imagine, Progresif and UNN, the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) and the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC).


There will be no redundancies or layoffs of local employees.

All stakeholders in this telecommunications industry have the same mandate – to provide training and development to ensure full Bruneianisation.